About Infinite Minds

Infinite Minds was set up in 2010 to explore the skills, techniques and technologies for developing human potential. The human mind has many remakrbale natural abilties, and these are being discovered and better understood all the time.

Our minds our capable of so much more than we usually ask from them. Imagine what you could achieve if you were able to increase your intelligence, to learn faster, to remember more, and to enhance your creativity and problem solving skills.

Hypnosis, meditation, and lucid dreaming are three great examples of cognitive abilities that were widely dismissed as non-existant or nonsense by the scientific and academic communities for much of the last century. Today after countless experiments, all have been confirmed to be real phenomena of the human mind. Ongoing research continues to uncover more uses and benefits for these amazing congnitie skills.

New technologies like brainawve entrainment and nuerofeedback systems have begun to show real promise with both clinical and personal development applications.

The personal development, self improvment and brain training industries are full of incredible claims on the power of their techniques, tools and methods. Some of these claims are based on good evidence but unfortunately others are little more than false promises.

The goal of Infinite Minds is to help you seperate the fact from the ficiton, to uncover those skills, techniques and technoplogies which can really improve your life and your mind, and to bring together in one place all the resources you need for discovering your potential, for learning new abilities and for developing your Infinite Mind.

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