Accelerated Learning

Why do we learn the way we do? For most of us the answer is simple, we learn in the way we were taught to at school. We read books by sounding out each word in our heads, we write everything down in detail, we learn by rote and repetition just like we did with our times tables. But are these really the best ways of learning?

Most of these methods have been in use for hundreds of years and haven’t really changed much. It’s hard to believe that no progress in developing better methods of learning have been made in all that time. And fortunately it isn’t true. There are many much more powerful techniques you can use to learn more information, pick up new skills and gain greater understanding in just a fraction of the time.

Just think how many new skills and abilities you developed in the first few years of your life, how much your vocabulary grew, how many ideas, concepts and your very understanding of the world changed in those early years. For most of us, our formal education replaced those natural ways of learning with a more structured but much less efficient set of tools for learning. The good news is you can rediscover all of those natural learning skills and even enhance them further by taking advantage of the latest approaches and techniques that have been identified through research and improvements in our understanding of how we learn.

Accelerated learning techniques will show you how to recognise your natural learning styles allowing you to easily absorb and recall information, how to put your mind into an ‘accelerated learning state’ to enhance your learning, how to read and process information much faster than your internal voice would ever allow, and how to take advantage of many of the natural abilities of the subconscious mind that we used as babies and young children to learn at hundreds and even thousands of times the rate we do as adults.


Accelerated Learning Techniques

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