Advanced Communication

Effective communication is all about making ourselves understood. At its core is being able to express our ideas clearly, concisely and confidently. That should be easy right? Just say what you mean and everything is clear. Unfortunately things aren’t quite that simple, have you ever had a conversation that goes something like this:

You: “Why did you do that?”
Your Friend: “Because that’s what you said”
You: “Well it isn’t what I meant!”

Even if we manage to make sure what we mean is accurately reflected in the choice of words we use, which in itself can be no mean feat, the meanings of these words can easily be lost. They become mixed in with our body language, with our perceptions and expectations of other people and situations, with what we want to hear, and with many other subtle psychological factors. Together these factors can twist a single sentence round into hundreds of different meanings.

There are many things you can do to improve your communication; from persuasion skills borrowed from the salesman, to the instant rapport techniques of NLP, you can use not only your words, but also your body, your tone of voice and much more to communicate your message, You can tailor your content and style to your audience, and you can direct your message to both the conscious and to the subconscious, to increase its power.


Advanced Communication Techniques

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