Brain exercises to improve your creativity and problem solving

Brain exercises can help improve the way your brain functions. Much like any physical exercises for your heart and muscles will strengthen them, exercising your brain is essential for better mental function and to improves its activity.

Lifting a weight puts a strain on the fibres that your muscles are built from, and your body responds by making the existing fibres stronger and by building new fibres so they are packed more densely. In the same way exercising your brain reinforces and strengthens existing connections between nerve cells in your brain, and stimulates growth of new cells too.

By performing certain exercises we can activate new connections between cells that allows the cells to transmit and receive information from one another, this increased connectivity within your brain will give you greater creativity and problem solving abilities as more of the brains resources are directly interconnected.

In order to stimulate new connections you need to encounter different types of stimuli from day to day, otherwise the same neural pathways just get used over and over.

When you are learning how to write, for example, provides the stimulus that enables the brain nerve cells to create new information pathways to one another.

But as this stimulus becomes a routine activity, the neural pathways are set and no new connections are being made. What the nerve cells in the brain want is a new type of stimuli to allow it to develop new circuits.

So to best exercise your brain you should be embracing the idea of putting the mind into situations where it is experiencing new stimuli. Now while you might not be able to take on a task as challenging as learning to write all over again each day, what you may be able to do is to try to do routine tasks in a different way.

Sticking with the example of writing, the routine way may be to write by using your right hand. But when you try to learn writing using your left hand, meaning the one that you don't usually use, you are putting your brain to a different kind of stimulus. This simple exercise will help the nerve cells in your brain to create new connections and therefore help your brain in functioning better.

You might find it hard to read what you write at first and it will take a lot of concentration but you'll be surprised how quickly your "wrong hand writing╦ť improves, and that is the proof that new connections are being wired into your brain!

Here are some other easy to use exercises and examples that will get those new neural connections up and firing:

- Try brushing your mouth using your other hand
- If you usually stay at home, try camping out for the weekend and enjoy the different stimuli that come from being in another environment
- Next time you're sitting on a train or in a cafe try to listen and follow 2 different conversations at the same time.

I'm sure you can add in plenty of your own here. The key is to break your routine in order to help your brain cells make new connections and create new information pathways among the brain cells.


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