Do Self Help Techniques Actually Work?

For every person out here who stands firmly behind a particular technique or method, and would tell you in a heartbeat ‘that technique changed my life’, there’s another person who will say ‘I tried that and it didn’t make the slightest difference’, and plenty of times I’ve comes across people who will say something like ‘What a load of hippy nonsense, I can’t believe you fell for that!’
With such different experiences it seems a reasonable question to ask; ‘Do self help techniques actually work?’

Well if you’re looking for a one word answer, then i've got good news, its ‘Yes’.

But its easy to see why plenty of people think they don’t, and that’s mainly down to the way the majority of programs are marketed and as a result the expectations that people have.

Just like me you’ve probably seen plenty of self-help programs promising, instant and effortless, dramatic changes to your life, and all of your problems solved if only you buy whatever product it is they’re selling. Inevitably with claims like these being made, some people will buy the product, try out the method or technique being suggested but surprise, surprise when they wake up the next day their life is exactly the same.

The only way you’re going to wake up one day millions richer than when you went to bed is with a lottery ticket. If you want to instantly become irresistible to the opposite sex, or go from a couch potato to a professional athlete overnight then you’re going to need a magic lamp!

But if you’re serious about wanting to change your life, and it really doesn’t matter what it is you want to change, you are going to need to put in the effort to make that change. Sorry, there’s no getting round it, that’s just the way that it is. You’ll need to have the right attitude, mindset and commitment to make the change.

Now here’s where self-help techniques come in. Depending on which particular technique you use they will help you do some or all of the following; change your thought patterns, attitudes, actions, your sub-conscious beliefs and values. By sticking with an effective technique and allowing these fundamental changes to take place you will then start to experience some effects in your life:

- Your mind will begin to notice and focus on all the events and opportunities relating to your goals going on all around you that you never noticed before.
- With the right mindset in place and opportunities presenting themselves you will be motivated to take the necessary actions to achieve those goals
- With persistence you will begin to notice that areas of your life where you have applied the technique have improved and so you will naturally apply it to other goals and so a cyclical habit of choice, motivation and success will develop.

The right techniques (and for the right person, remember we’re all different) can do 2 key things:

1.) They can dramatically speed up this process, and the faster you notice results the more likely you are to stick with the approach that got you there.
2.) They can make the difficult task of change easier by giving you a solid foundation that has been tried and tested on which to builds that change.


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