How achievable are your goals?

It can be very demotivating if you don’t see any progress or keeping falling short of a goal you have set yourself. Once that state of mind set in being demotivated can throw you off course not just on that one goal but on everything you care working towards. As discussed in 'achieving goals' this can easily be overcome by making your goals SMART. Now its relatively easy to see if a particular goal you have set is Specific, Measurable and if it has a Time limit on it, but how do you know if it is achievable or realistic for you?

Here is a simple step by step process that you can use to make an honest assessment of the probability that you will achieve your goal. This is the ratio of Desirability over Believability:

Achievability = Desirability / Believability

Your goals can be highly desirable, but if you have little inherent belief in your ability to achieve them, the probability of attaining them will be fairly low. Equally, if you have highly desirable goals, and an unwavering belief in your skills, you have a very high chance of achieving them.

Lets break down this formula a little further:

Believability = Power - Effort

How much Believability you will have in achieving any given goal is based on your current and projected power less the effort it takes to convert the goal into results.
Here we are using a definition of your power as ‘your ability to control the environment around yourself’. General considerations in determining your power include; the control you have over your own time, the ability you have to convince others to help or support you, any contacts or resources you have access to, and any relevant knowledge you may have.

Now score your current power on a scale of 1-10, and remember be honest. Now do the same with the amount of effort that would be required to achieve your goal. If your goal requires constant action from you from the moment you wake in the morning right through until you go to bed at night that would be a 10 in effort, something which only takes say 5 minutes per day that you can do without much though at the same time as something else would only be a 1.

Now lets look at the formula for Desirability:

Desirability = Benefits - Costs

Now using the same 1-10 scales as before add up all the benefits contained in your goal, subtract all the costs associated with achieving it, and you will have a simple statement of Desirability.

Goals with lots of benefits and with few real costs are highly desirable goals. Highly desirable goals make life worthwhile. They ignite your passion and keep you motivated. Mundane goals make life a treadmill virtually guaranteeing half-hearted and lackluster performance.

Now do the math. Just plug in your own personal values:

Achievability = ( Benefits - Costs ) / ( Power - Effort )

If the ratio comes out at 1 or higher, good news your goals are both realistic and achievable. All you have to do now is take some action to get started. What if your ratio came out at less than 1, well here are some steps you can take to improve that ratio.


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