Time Managemnt to Achieve your Goals

There's never enough time! Sound familiar? Well don't worry these are probably the three most important time-management techniques you'll come across, and if you can managed to do just 2 out these 3, then I guarantee one month form now you'll see how much more productive you've been and will be feeling happier!

1. Set yearly and monthly goals, weekly objectives, and daily tasks.

First you set your yearly goals. Your break those down into monthly goals. Then you break your monthly goals into weekly objectives. And you break those objectives into daily tasks. A good system for coming up with a daily task list is to ask yourself four questions about each of your weekly objectives:

- What do I need to do to take the next step?
- Do I need to gather more information?
- Do I need to take or delegate some specific action?
- Or do I need to do nothing for a certain period of time?

2. Prioritize your task list.

The best method for prioritizing is to put each task on your list into one of four categories:

- important and urgent
- important but not urgent
- not important but urgent
- not important and not urgent

You should give top priority to the important-but-not-urgent tasks. This might seem counter intuitive but these are usually the tasks that will help you accomplish your long-term goals -- the goals that will have the greatest impact on your life. And if you don't give them priority, they will never get done.

3. Get up an hour earlier every day.

Even if this means going to bed an hour earlier it is still worthwhile, just think; how much do you really get done in that last hour before you go to bed anyway! And remember that extra hour is yours and yours alone. Do not do anything else during that hour except work on a task related to your most important long term goal.

- Do NOT open your e-mail.
- Do NOT read the newspaper.
- Do NOT look at your inbox.

Just sit down and start working on that life-changing goal


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