The Intention Boost - How to build an Iron Will

Are you guilty of making promises to yourself but then not managing to keep them?

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I’ll definitely give so and so a call later’ or perhaps ‘I will make sure I go for a run tomorrow’, but then you get distracted and forget all about it. At one time or another we all intend to do something that never seems to actually happen

This used to happen to me all the time. I would read something inspiring or discover a fascinating technique that I couldn’t wait to try, but for one reason or another I would get distracted by the every day things going on in my life and I would just forget what I had intended to do.

It is not enough to simply intend to do something. Whatever we might try to tell ourselves our subconscious sees us the way we really are, and it carries the memory of all these times we haven’t managed to follow through on our intentions.

In order to make sure you accomplish a task, you have to develop your intention to do something, and then remember to carry out your intention at a specific point in the future. This is even more important when dealing with mental techniques, after all if you want to have a lucid dream, you must have enough force of will to remember this intent and carry it out while you are asleep!

So if we want to be able to set an intention to have a lucid dream and have our subconscious mind believe this with enough certainty to make it happen we need to balance out all those times we haven’t carried through on our intent. Think of it as building up a, Positive Intention Account, like a savings account of times we have followed through with our intention no matter what.

A good way to build up this Positive Intention Account is to say to yourself you intend to carry out some of these random acts:
- Write 100 times "I am dreaming"
- Untie and retie your shoelaces 5 times.
- Walk around the edge of a room 10 times
(You can just as easily make up your own tasks, just make them simple and quick to do, no more than about 5 minutes)

Each morning state your intention: ‘Today I am going to write 100 times “I am dreaming”’ or whichever tasks you have chosen for that day.

Try doing these tasks over a few days. Start doing just one on the first day. Then on the next day, do this same action plus one other. On the third day, carry out three actions. If you forget to do one or more on any of the three days, start the whole process over again.

This exercise may seem to be pointless, but your mind pays more attention to more recent events in its conception of who you are so doing these kind of activities will help to overwrite any times when you might not have followed through with your intention in the past. These exercises are especially effective precisely because they are boring. Think about it if you manage to follow through with your intention time and time again when its something so dull and you don’t really want to do how much more powerful will your intention be when it comes to using it for something you are interested and excited about, like 'remembering to remember that you are dreaming’.


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