Messages from the subconscious - How to build your intuition

Did you know your conscious mind is only able to process approximately 50 bits of information a second, while your unconscious mind processes approximately 11 million bits per second. This means your unconscious mind processes information 220 thousand times faster than your conscious mind.

Sometimes our conscious mind picks up on messages from the subconscious, understandings about a particular situation that we can’t find any real rational basis for but turn out to be true. We often call these experience hunches, gut feeling or intuition. Whatever name you want to call it by doesn’t really matter. The important point is that this is a vast and powerful resource of the human mind and can give you access to knowledge almost instantly that is out of reach of our logical, conscious mind.

We probably all know some people who seem to have a heightened intuition, people who’s hunch’s and feelings turn out to be true more often than chance alone would allow. Let me give you an example; say you are talking to someone and they are lying to you, but covering up it very well. There are subtle cue’s given off by the body when someone is being dishonest, and your subconscious will pick up on these, but in most cases it won’t override the constant stream of conscious thought along with all the beliefs and pre-conceptions you have about the person you are speaking to, so those messages get ignored. Now people with a strong intuition will be far more likely to naturally pick up on this feeling that something isn’t quite right. But what about the rest of us? What if your intuition isn’t quite as good as you’d like it to be?

Well the good news is your intuition can be developed!

Here are a couple of gerenal points that will help put your mind in the irght state to pick up on the messages beign sen t from the subconscious, and an exercise you can do to actively build your power of intuition:

Meditation – by quieting your conscious mind you create a space in which the messages from subconscious to take shape.
Expectations – try not to expect a certain message or judge the message that you do receive

Training Exercise:

1.) Take a deck of cards and shuffle them,
2.) Next very quickly flick through the deck with the cards facing you. Go through the whole deck in only a few seconds. This is too quick for your conscious memory, but your subconscious will remember the order.
3.) Lay all the cards out face down on the floor or table in front of you. Lay them in rows of about 10 so you can easily reach them all without having to move.
4.) Now select a target card that you are going to try and find. Intuitively your subconscious will know where this card is.
5.) Think about the card you are looking for, try to get a clear picture of it in your mind, hold this for a few seconds and then let your mind go blank.
6.) With a relaxed and calm mind look at the rows of face down cards in front of you, and when you feel drawn to a card turn it over.
7.) Did you find the card you were looking for? If you did great! If not don’t worry, it would be pretty amazing if you did get it on your very first try, just put the card back relax and have another go.
8.) Repeat steps 4 to 7 and record how many attempts it took you to find your target card each time.

Try to spend about 5 minutes per day doing this exercise and you will soon see the more you practice the better you will get at listening to your subconscious. Just like anything else in body or mind the more you use and tune into your intuition the stronger it will get.


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