Meditation Reverses the effect of Ageing

A number of scientific studies have revealed the positive effects of meditation at very physical levels, with even small amounts of meditation proving to have significant health and anti-aging benefits.

How does it do this? Meditation has been found to increase levels of the anti-aging hormone DHEA (which decreases in the body with age).

In one experiment, 45 year old male meditators who practiced basic breathing or mindfulness meditation 20 minutes a day for 3 months, had 23% more of the youth hormone DHEA than non-meditators.

For women, this difference was even greater, with female meditators showing 47% higher levels of DHEA than non-meditators!

DHEA has also been shown in clinical research to; decrease stress, increase self-esteem and self image and improve memory.

In another Harvard study, regular practice of basic meditation techniques was shown to have a significant positive impact on genes related to the aging process.

This study was conducted on a group that had never meditated before, and were taught simple breathing and meditation techniques that generate a 'Relaxation Response'.

After only 8 weeks, meditation had impacted 1561 genes in a highly beneficial way!

874 genes were 'turned up' (up-regulated), which were essentially anti-aging genes (such as those involved in the production of ant-aging anti-oxidants that fight age-causing free radicals in the body).

687 were 'turned down' (down-regulated), which were less desirable ones such as those related to inflammation (that causes collateral damage to the body).

In another research study, people who had been practicing meditation for a longer period (five years or more) were shown to be physiologically twelve years younger than their chronological age (as measured by reduction of blood pressure, and better near-point vision and auditory discrimination!

Even people who had only been practicing meditation for a much shorter time were physiologically five years younger than their chronological age!

Since all of these studies explored meditation practices that induce a Relaxation Response, other similar practices of stilling the mind and focusing on breathing, and exercise such as Qi-gong and yoga, can deliver similar effects


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