The 3 Big Questions in Self Improvement . . . Answered

There are 3 big questions that summarize basically the entire self improvement industry 1.) Why has every self-help program I've tried before failed to work?
2.) What do I need to change to start getting results?
3.) How do I actually go about making that change?

There is a problem I hear about time and time again, people who have tried so many self help products; e-books, courses, seminars, all offering their solutions on; success, money, personal development, mindpower and pretty much any other topic you can imagine, will far too often say "Most of them made a lot of sense and offered great advice. But, none of them actually helped me"

1.) Why has every self-help program I've tried before failed to work?

If you've been following InfiniteMinds for a while then you'll already be familiar with the idea that our thoughts and beliefs influence our reality and experience, even if not I'm sure you'll have heard or read somewhere that before. In short; negative thoughts create negative outcomes and positive thoughts create positive outcomes.

Just about every book on success, personal development or mindpower available promotes this idea of "positive thinking."

But if it's that simple why don't more people get the results they're after? Surely they do actually want to be happier and more successful?

So here's the key that most programs don't tell you and makes all the difference:

There's a constant struggle going on in your mind between your conscious will and the desires of your subconscious

In essence there are 2 parts to all of us: one who desperately wants the success, money, happiness or whatever it is you are after, and the other part who will fight to the death to stop us from getting it!

You see, all those success books had great information in them, information that could help people reach their goals. As you read them, they make perfect sense. But only at the conscious level of your mind.

Which brings us to the second big question:

2. What do I need to change to start getting results?

So what happens when you read this new book or go on a course. You get filled with great new ideas and inspiration, after you're finished you feel energised and ready to go after your dreams and make them a reality. That feeling lasts for about 2 days, and then slowly your old self begins to creep back in; back to the old thoughts, habits, patterns and beliefs. Sound familiar?

Your subconscious doesn't want you to change! It is happy with the way things are, even if your conscious mind isn't. In order to make the change permanent rather than just a few fleeting days, you need to reach the subconscious mind - the part of our minds where all our habits, assumptions and beliefs reside.

So to make the change you want in your life (and as always it doesn't really matter what specific change it is that you are after) you need to make that change in your subconscious.

3. How do I actually go about taking that change?

Your subconscious mind is strong and stubborn in guiding your actions, because of this it takes consistent repetition of your new actions for it to change.

Think about it, it wouldn't be any good if your beliefs and habits changed ever couple of days, you would never have any idea what to expect from anyone!

So the key to permanent change is to consistently feed your mind with those positive thoughts, positive ideas, and beliefs until your subconscious mind gets it!

Research has shown than new habits are formed after 21 days of consistent repetitions.

By focusing on something or doing something consistently, your subconscious mind begins to pay attention. It begins to get the message that what you're doing is in fact important, that it has merit, that it is true.

It's not enough to get the information only on a conscious level. It has to be fed to your mind until your subconscious mind begins to 'believe' that it's true! And that's when you life begins to change radically!

It's a constant battle. And that's why so many give up. But now we know how to beat it! We know that by consistently holding our thought and focus on what we choose, we can burn a hole through anything that gets in the way! The trick is to hold that focus in place long enough for it to work, long enough for your subconscious mind to get it!

Try it out for the next 21 days and prove it to yourself!


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