The One Minute Method

Do you want to make some positive gains in your life? Virtually everyone would like to improve their lifestyle in some way, but most say they just cannot find the time to take action to make it happen.

Making that first move is often the hardest part of any new venture. A new goal can seem so large and daunting at first, and this paralyses us into doing nothing. But action is the key, and even the smallest steps come together to make a big difference.

The highest mountain is climbed one step at a time and the biggest goal is only accomplished one piece at a time. So lets forget about the big picture for a moment and why not commit to take one small step right now?

Decide right now that the very moment you’ve finished reading this article you will take an action to move forward on one of your goals for one minute -- just 60 seconds.

You may surprise yourself. You can actually do quite a bit in only one minute. Here are some ways to use the power of a single minute:

Exercise for One Minute
No time to go to the gym? OK. Forget about the next 59 minutes, and just focus on the next one minute. Do one intense minute of push-ups or sit-ups, try to fit in as many as you can, and don’t slow up if you start to feel tired, remember you’ve only got to keep going for one minute!

Relax for One Minute
Just relax into your chair and breathe in through your nose a slow deep breath all the way down into your belly. Then open your mouth slightly, and release your breath as slowly as you can. Repeat this deep breathe 5 or 6 time to get you up to a whole minute. This will make you feel relaxed by refreshing your mind with increased oxygen.

Calm Your Mind for One Minute
Do the deep breathing technique described above, but this time do it with your eyes closed, and take mental step back to watch your own thoughts as they pass through your mind, don’t get too absorbed in any one thought, or by judging or analysing it, just notice it and then let it go. You’ll come away feeling refreshed, more focused and a lot calmer and clearer.

Change Your Outlook for One Minute
You can experiment going outside your normal self for a minute, this can open up new creative insights as well as improving your understanding and interactions with other people. Try acting the exact opposite of how you usually act for one minute. If you tend to be introverted, think like an extrovert; talk loudly, express yourself with your arms. If you tend to be very logical and rational, try letting your emotions take charge for a minute, go with your heart not with your head.

Re-Frame a Problem for One Minute
Choose a problem that’s been bothering you, then select a different frame of reference to consider it from. Try considering the problem through the eyes of someone you admire. Does the problem look different? Try looking at it with the mind Albert Einstein or Bill Gates or Martha Stewart. Now how does the problem look?

Be Happy for One Minute
Maybe you are currently overwhelmed with problems and challenges beyond your control. For just one minute, forget any current or past tragedies or disasters, and just plaster a big smile onto your face and let yourself be happy.

Learn Something for One Minute
Pick up a book that you’ve been meaning to get round to, and just read through one paragraph. If you’ve been trying to learn another language, just pick out one word or phrase, and repeat it over as many times as you can in the minute.

You really can achieve wonders in just one minute. Often you will find that once you have taken that simple action of just one minute to start something off, you will feel better about it and be motivated to do more.

After doing a minute of press up’s you feel energised and ready to try a minute of sit-ups too, of after reading a paragraph of your book you’ll find yourself intrigued just to read a little more. And if you do want to stop after just that one first minute, don’t feel bad because you’ve actually taken a step closer to your goal, keep doing that every day, and those minutes will really start to build up, before you know it you’ll be ploughing through those tasks that seemed insurmountable before.


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