The Simplest Way to Improve your Brainpower - Take a Walk!

What is the simplest way to stay sharp, have an open mind and give your brainpower a little boost. . . . .just go for a walk!

Right now you might be thinking, what difference is walking really going to have on my brainpower, but research into this area has proven the people who go for daily walks provide significant benefits to their brains.

When you think about it, it makes sense; walking, as with any form of exercise increases blood circulation. At the same time that blood circulation is increasing, levels of glucose and oxygen are also being made available to the body in increased amounts. However when you push yourself with strenuous exercise your body needs to absorb the vast majority of that extra glucose and oxygen to keep you going and as a result isn't available for the brain to receive.

Now don’t get me wrong, sessions of strenuous exercise are still definitely good for you. They have a more lasting effect by improving the efficiency of your body’s circulation and oxygen delivery system as well as a host of other health benefits.

But because walking doesn’t generate nearly so much demand from your body for additional resources, that extra oxygen and glucose being supplied in your bloodstream is available for the brain to receive and use.

The additional oxygen that goes to your brain is a great way to help you reduce levels of stress and improve mental clarity. Individuals that walk on a regular basis have better concentration and they seem to be more receptive to learning new things

And it doesn’t have to be a hike across the countryside either; research suggests the benefits start to kick in from as little as 10-15 minutes per day.

No wonder for centuries people have been going for a walk to clear their thoughts!


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