Uncovering the truth about the Law of Attraction

Affirmations and particularly ‘The Law of Attraction’ is probably the biggest topic in the world of self improvement and personal development at the moment. I have avoided writing anything about it because I believe on the whole it gets presented in a very misleading way; as some kind of mystical power that you can tap into.

You can’t just sit there, visualizing what you want, and then expect it to come streaming into your life like magic. And promoting the idea that you can is dangerous, because it leaves people feeling frustrated and untrusting.

My other real issue, is that this isn’t a newly discovered idea, it has been around for centuries: what one person calls the law of attraction, another might call self actualization, or pro-active visualisation. The truth is the label doesn’t matter, all people are talking about here is the idea of manifesting the things you really want by taking charge of your own life and believing in the power of your own mind to help you achieve them.

The law of attraction does not work simply because thoughts of what you want out of life will somehow be picked up by the universe and they will then be provided to you. Real life doesn’t work like that!

However as with almost all beliefs and practices there is some element of truth on which they are based. This technique can work because through focus and repetition your thoughts become beliefs, beliefs which become convictions, and in turn these convictions influence your actions. It is the actions you take that then lead to the manifestation of results.

I find a helpful way to think of the law of attraction, is as though your thoughts are seeds. You start by planting those seeds, and over a period of time, they begin to grow until they manifest themselves in actions.

Just like real seeds, the plant that is produced will be determined by the nature of the seed planted. If you plant an apple seed you will produce an apple tree, but if you plant an acorn you can expect it to grow into an oak.

And again just like with real seeds, you need to give it time. You plant it, water it, fertilize it, and nourish it for a long time before you even see it break ground. This also means you cannot keep digging it up and planting something else every few days. You have to decide what it is that is most important to you, plant that seed and then tend to it long enough for the plan to grow and manifest itself through your actions.

So your consistent thoughts will eventually manifest themselves in the results of your life - and the main reason this does not work for most people is simply because they forget or are mislead, and so don’t realise that none of it happens instantaneously. It takes time.

At first your actions will most likely seem completely contradictory to the ideas and beliefs you are planting in your mind, but just stick with it. As long as you keep planting the right seeds and through with patience and consistency, give them time to grow you'll reap the rewards in the end.


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