Your Ideal Day

This technique works best when used together with the ‘Write Your Own Eulogy’ technique. Both are based around creating a clear vision of what is really most important to you in order to guide your future decisions and actions. Whilst the write your own eulogy technique focuses on the big achievements and contributions you want to make in your life, the ‘Ideal Day’ technique gives you an opportunity to see exactly how you would spend your time if you had no restrictions placed on it. Together these give you a clear idea of the values and behaviours that you see in your ideal self.

If I asked you to describe to me your ideal day right now, would you easily be able to give me the details? Chances are that you would find this difficult. This is a big problem because if we can't see our goals and desires clearly, our subconscious mind can't help us achieve them. And if you thought ‘Of course I could, I wouldn’t have to go to work so I could just relax on a tropical beach all day long’, think about this again, would you really want to spend every day for the rest of your life just lying on beach doing nothing?

Your Ideal day will serve as guide in your future decision and behaviours. Whenever faced with a decision, you will be able to think, "Will choosing this bring me closer or further away from my ideal day?" This should quicken the time it takes to make important decisions and will greatly improve the choices that you make.

Not only that, because when you are struggling with your goals or feeling down, you can always go back to your Ideal Day to see what your life can become and to get motivation from it.

For the time being don't worry about how you will make the events in your Ideal Day come true. Leave that to your subconscious mind to work out, that’s what it does best. Numerous studies have shown that the act of writing down your thoughts and feelings distinguishes them from your ongoing internal dialogue, and allows you to use them more effectively as commands and guides to your subconscious. You just worry about the ‘What’ and your subconscious will worry about the ‘How’.

Your Ideal Day

1. First you’ll need to set aside about half an hour when you can work on creating your ideal day without any distractions. Take a moment to think about what you are about to do; the process of writing your ideal day should excite you because you are taking the first step toward creating your ideal future. It is entirely within your power to create the person you want to be, where you want to live, who you want to be surrounded by, and even how you want to make your money. By writing your Ideal Day down, you give yourself momentum to move in that direction.

2. Now take you pen and paper (or start typing on the computer) and starting from the exact time that you wake up, write out your entire ideal day. Describe everything; Your home, your family, your health, your vacations, your job or the way you create your income. Make your descriptions vivid and full of as many details as possible. To start with, just write things down as they come to you, the most important thing is to get those ideas out of your mind and onto the paper, you can always rearrange or edit your day at the end.

3. Once a week, preferably at the same time on the same day each week, read your Ideal Day out loud. Don't just mumble and try to skim through it as fast as possible, describe your Ideal Day with enthusiasm and pride. The more emotion you put into reading it, the stronger the association you will build up in your subconscious mind between the happy, enthusiastic feeling and the events described in your day. And when the subconscious mind detects a difference between your internal and external worlds, it reacts to resolve this tension by giving you ideas, opportunities and motivation so that you can make your inner and outer worlds match.

And that’s all there is to the technique!

Every few months, you should go back to your ideal day and see if you need to make any changes. Inevitably your life will change, particularly as you start to make progress towards becoming your ideal self, and things that were once important maybe aren't so important anymore. This is perfectly normal and your ideal day should change as you do. You will know when and what you will need to change when something you are reading just doesn't ring true anymore.


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