Consciousness Engineering

Consciousness Engineering is a new approach to personal development. The vast majority of self-development and improvement programs tend to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, suggesting if anyone follows their guide to the letter they will get the results they want. But the reality is that just isn’t true, everyone is different and everyone will have their own starting points and their own ideas about what they are looking to get from any program they choose to follow.

Consciousness engineering takes a more individualistic approach, and lets you choose where you want to go and gives you different options for getting there so you can pick the way that’s right for you.

The Fundamental Principle of Consciousness Engineering
Wherever you are in your life, and no matter what you can or can’t do today, you can choose where you want to be and what you want to be able to do in the future. Such a vast array of exercises and techniques exist, it is possible to realise any change, and to develop almost any skill or ability you could want.

3 Steps to Consciousness Engineering
1. Using the pool of exercises, skills, techniques and abilities that have been discovered and developed throughout history and drawn from all over the world, you can create a simple step by step path to learn the skills which will take you to your goal.

2. By bringing together different skills that are each useful in their own right you can produce even greater results. In some cases this will even lead to new emergent abilities being developed.

3. There are many different ways of approaching and learning new things. Some will be more suitable and effective for some people and different ways will be more effective for others. Following the Try, Notice, Apply (TNA) approach will help you to quickly and easily find which methods work best for you, allowing you to integrate these into your life, while leaving behind those which don’t.


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