50 years ago, hypnosis was still largely regarded as little more than a curiosity, somewhere between a magicians illusions and an overactive imagination. Today it is firmly rooted in our scientific understanding, forming a key part of the clinical treatment for many psychological disorders, for tackling addictions, and even in place of anaesthetic in surgical procedures.

Hypnosis is a technique for accessing a different state of mind, where certain cognitive abilities are heightened while others are supressed. The hypnotic state is characterised by increased focus  and concentration. These make it easier for someone to ignore thoughts or environmental factors which would otherwise distract them from holding their focus on a single idea. This ability to focus on a  single idea means Hypnosis can be used a powerful tool bringing about change in yourself (Self Hypnosis) and others.

In both cases a particular suggestion is presented to the mind, without distractions and free from analysis by the critical conscious mind this idea can make an impression on the subconscious where the majority of our attitudes and behaviours are governed.

The hypnosis techniques will show you how to induce a hypnotic state of mind, how to tailor suggestions to have the greatest impact, how to use self hypnosis to make changes in your life, and to enhance other cognitive training exercises.


Hynposis Articles & Techniques

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