Improving Brainpower

There is a great deal of scepticism towards the idea of training your brain and improving brainpower, however there is no good reason why there should be. While it’s true that not everything marketed as a ‘brain training game’ will actually improve your cognitive performance, your brain is still an organ just like any other in your body. By giving it a workout in the right way you can improve its performance.

You wouldn’t expect that using your arm to lift a cup of coffee from the table to your lips would build up your bicep no matter how many times you did it. You also shouldn’t expect that you are going to build up your brainpower anytime you happen to be using your brain. Mental exercises which are difficult and challenge you to use your brain in new and different ways are another story; they can stimulate the growth of new neurons and encourage more synaptic connections to form, this increases the raw processing power of your mind.

Improving brainpower can be both useful and  also fun. The articles in this section will show you how to make the most of your brain, to encourage new neural growth, and to improve a wide range of basic mental abilities giving you greater speed and flexibility of thought.


Improving Brainpower Techniques

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