Increase Intelligence

For most of human history, in fact right up to the end of the twentieth century, it was widely believed throughout the scientific and academic communities that it was impossible for someone to increase their intelligence.

These experts in psychology and neuroscience thought that although you could accumulate large amounts of knowledge through your life, helping you to put your innate intelligence to better use, the fundamental characteristics of intelligence were determined by genetic factors.

Their understanding was although these factors could be influenced by a stimulating environment while you were growing up, once you reached adulthood your intelligence was locked into place, only to gradually decline with age.

Fortunately we now know that is not the case. Neuroscience research from the last two decades has shown there are a variety of methods you can use to get reliable, lasting and transferable increases in your intelligence.

By improving your intelligence you are able to more easily see patterns, combinations, relationships and connections which improves your innate problem solving abilities. The articles here will show you the specific techniques as well as some general strategies for improving your intelligence.


Increase Intelligence Techniques

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