Accessing your Brain Channels

When you turn on your television or radio you have access to a range of different channels. Each of these channels is being broadcast along slightly different frequencies and gives you access to a different set of content and information. In the same way your brain can operate at a number of different frequencies, and each of these ‘brain channels’ has unique properties and gives you access to a different set of mental resources.

Lets have a look at the four main ‘brain channels’ that you have available to you:

Channel 1 – The Action Channel (Upper Beta Range)

When in the higher portion of the Beta brainwave frequency range, your mind is fully engaged with your outer senses, and focus on your external environment. This is also the state of mind where you experience stress.

So if you’re on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, watching the final moment of a tense game of football, or if you’re having a heated debate with a friend or colleague then you can be fairly sure that your mind is tuned into ‘The Action Channel’.

While tuned to this channel, you will be more receptive to stimuli coming form your surrounding environment, be more likely to follow a reasoned thought process and make pro-active decisions.

Channel 2 – The Relaxation Channel (Lower Beta Range)

As the frequency of your brainwaves slows slightly, your mind shifts into the lower Beta range, this is around 12-15Hz and is where you body begins to relax while your mind is alerts and focused. Any stress built up from time spent in the Upper Beta range begins to dissipate. In this state your focus is finely balanced between the external and inwardly facing worlds.

If you considering your next move in a game of chess, or sat in a comfy chair reading a novel at the end of the day then your mind is tuned in to ‘The Relaxation Channel’

While tuned to this channel, you will be able to physically relax, allowing your body to recover and regenerate. You will be able to let go of any stress and be able to enjoy a relaxed focus on whatever task you have in front of you.

Channel 3 – The Learning Channel (Alpha Range)

As the frequency lowers again you enter the Alpha range of brainwaves, the focus of your mind has now turned inwards and you will feel very relaxed and calm. Your mind becomes more receptive to new information and ideas and these will be easier to commit to memory.

When you’re lying back in bed with your eyes closed but before you drift off to sleep and your mind is casually wandering over and looking for solutions to any issues or problems from the day it tuned to ‘The Learning Channel’.

As you might have noticed in the example above, although this is by far the best state of mind for learning it isn’t often the channel we find we are tuned to when trying to learning something new, this is an unfortunate result of the approach taken in the majority of education systems. However if you approach learning new information while tuned to the Learning Channel, you will find it easier to pick up and understand that information, and that more of it becomes committed to memory. Since it is also a very relaxed state of mind, you will also likely find the process much more enjoyable.

Channel 4 –The Genius Channel (Theta Range)

At the lower levels of brainwave frequency lies the Theta Range, your brain is now approaching the natural frequency range of the subconscious mind. Here the frequencies being generated by the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind begin to synchronise and you experience improved communication between the two as a result. You will find ideas simply ‘pop into your head’ and will feel certain about decisions even though these are only based on a hunch or feeling.

When you experience those little flashes of inspiration, or if you are doing something creative (painting, writing etc) and get swept along by the process so you don’t even notice the time passing, this is when you are tuned to ’The Genius Channel’. If you are experienced in practicing meditation this is the channel your mind is tuning to.

When tuned to ‘The Genius Channel’ you will be able to access the vast reservoir of resources contained in the subconscious mind. You will be able to solve problems more quickly and easily, be more creative and receive flashes of inspiration. This channel also allows you to unlock some of the more amazing abilities of the human mind; from instantly intuitively understanding people and situations to lucid dreaming and many more.

Changing Channels

Being able to select the right state of mind for any and every activity you might be faced with in your life would obviously be a huge advantage. Those situations we’ve all experienced, where you sit down with a piece of work to do, but you just can’t concentrate, or aren’t feeling creative, would be a thing of the past.

Now with practice you can learn to tune into each of these mental states on demand. You can probably already switch between the Action and Relaxation channels by adjusting your breathing, your focus or your immediate environment. This is where the brain spends the vast majority of its waking time, so it knows how to do this.

The downside is that learning to access the Learning and Genius channels naturally does take a fair bit of time. Think of it like going up onto the roof and trying to manually adjust the position of your TV aerial each time you wanted to watch a different channel. Eventually you would learn the position required for each channel, but it would take a lot of trips where you got the wrong channel or all you were picking up was static, especially at first!

But fortunately there is a much easier way; you can literally learn to ‘change brain channels’ just as easily as you would be pressing a button on your TV or radio remote control. This is by using ‘Brainwave Entrainment’, you can read much more detail about the process on the brainwave entrainment page but in its simplest terms, a specially tailored audio track is played at specific frequencies, and the brain naturally matches, or ‘entrains’ to those frequencies.

There are lots of brainwave entrainment products available, although be careful as some of them are ridiculously expensive, costing upwards of $5000 for the entire program. The product I always recommend (and the one I use myself, after having tried most of the different products out there), is the Brain Evolution System.


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