Beyond the Genius Channel

In addition to the 4 standard channels you can learn to tune your brain to there is one more beyond this range which some people have learned to access.

Usually as the frequency of your brainwave slows beyond the Theta range you would normally experience your body and mind becoming so relaxed, even maintaining consciousness would be impossible and you would fall asleep. However there are those individuals, usually highly trained monks who have spent many years of their lives devoted to developing their control of deep meditative states who have learnt to stay conscious as the brain reaches these frequencies.

Channel 5 -The Infinite Channel

In this state of mind something strange begins to happen to the brainwave pattern. Firstly the primary brainwave frequency slows into the Delta (between 0.5 and 4Hz) and eventually the Epsilon range (below 0.5Hz). But there is also another pattern this time which is carried on the slow moving Epsilon waves, and these have an incredibly high frequency, far faster than the ‘wide awake and alert’ Beta waves. By reaching this stage you are tuning your mind to ‘The Infinite Channel’.

It appears as though the properties of being very calm and relaxed, are combined with being very alert and mentally engaged in the same state of mind. This unique combination gives rise to some interesting abilities.

The Infinite Channel has been observed in monks who have achieved such deep states of meditation they are able to slow their heart and breathing rates to a point where they are barely noticeable. The incredible level of control and understanding over your own body achieved by reaching this state of mind, allows the body improved rates of healing and recovery. Those able to access this channel also report experiencing high levels of insight and self awareness.

To reach this level naturally would take a lifetime of dedicated practice of meditation and mental control. However through brainwave entrainment programs you are able to dramatically accelerate your progress in these disciplines, making this sate previously the preserve of monks and yogi accessible to everyone.


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