Lucid Dreams: A Gateway to Infinite Alternate Realities

A Lucid Dream can be a gateway to a potentially infinite number of 'realities' for you to inhabit and explore.

In the article Lucid Dream Schema we talked about how your mind has built up a set of ‘rules’ based on your expectations and beliefs about lucid dreams. These rules govern your experience and more importantly the limitations of your experience within a lucid dream.

We also explored that it doesn’t have to be this way, that in fact there are no consistent fixed rules that govern the dream state, only those we create.

At first this cognitive attribute our mind has, to create and represent everything with these schema, can seem like an unwelcome restriction. Like an obstacle that needs to be overcome before we can fully enjoy the lucid dream experience.

However this natural capacity can just as easily be turned to our advantage. We can use the vast array of schema we already have buried in our minds to quickly and easily create entire new dream worlds for us to experience.

Many fictional stories for example take place in alternate realities, where different natural laws apply. These laws can be dramatically different from the real physical laws we actually experince during our time awake, but they are generally consistent within that fictional world. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

In the Warner Brothers Cartoon Reality the rules say if something heavy falls on top of you, you will be squashed flat, but yet can still walk around and easily pump yourself full of air to get back to your original shape. Or that if you run off the edge of a cliff you won’t fall straight away but rather can quickly dash back to solid ground.

Now the first time you saw these kind of cartoons you would have been suprised and found these kind of events pretty funny (which is why children love to watch these cartoons even if they seem predictible as an adult). Your mind has built up a 'Warner Brothers Cartoon Reality' Schema to determine these rules.

In the Matrix Reality the world looks just like it does in real life, but you can bend certain physical laws, stop bullets with your mind, and although most of the other dream characters you will encounter can’t change these physical laws, there may be a few who can and are hunting you down! Again if you’ve seen any of the Matrix films, your mind already has a Schema to create this reality.

In the Harry Potter reality magic is real, in the Marvel reality it is common for people to have superpowers and incredible abilities. The list goes on and on, and so many of these fictional world are well established in the public consciousness; even if you have never read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies, you are probably aware of some of characters and ideas to do with that world.

It doesn’t have to stop with fictional realities you have come across, you can create entire new ones from your imagination, here are just a few ideas to get you going:

- The Micro Gravity Reality: A reality where gravity is only half that of normal and everyone bounds and floats around like walking on the surface of the moon.
- The Mermaid Reality: Everyone lives underwater (and can happily breathe there), and swims around with a fish like tail.
- The Telepathic Reality: You can read anyone’s mind just be looking at them, and don’t forget they can read yours too!
- The Human Pets Reality: A world populated by giant cats and dogs that go around living normal ‘human’ lives while human beings are kept as their pets.

Literally any reality you can imagine you can create. I’m sure you’ll already have some ideas of realities you would love to experience!

Accessing Alternate Realities

Once you are in a lucid dream crossing between one reality and another is fairly simple, you just need to create a portal that you can then step through. First find a closed door somewhere in your current dreamscape. Now imagine the reality where you would like to be, focus on this idea, maybe even say the name of it out-loud a couple of times. Know that it waits for you on the other side of that door (it is your genuine expectations that will make it true). When you are ready open the door in front of you to look through onto your new reality. And finally step through.

Remember as soon as you step through that door, the rules generated by your schema for that new reality will take over. You don't have to specify or consciously construct each of the rules you expect this reality to have, they have all been connected together for you in the relevant schema.

This is by no means the only way of switching realities, another popular method is once you have the idea of where you want go locked into your mind, you can try ripping a hole in space between the two worlds. Play around; find what works best for you.

Perhaps the most important tip for creating stable realities is to actually imagine them as indepedently existing realities, which you are simply gaining access to. They have their own physical laws, and these laws are fixed and stable in that reality, they do not change. The only way to change them is to go through into another new reality.

So what are you waiting for, an infinite number of realities are waiting for you to explore!


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