Does Meditation help in inducing Lucid Dreams?

As far as I am aware at the time of writing this article there have been no rigorous scientific studies to prove a correlation between meditation sessions and successful lucid dreams, however there is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that meditation can improve your ability to have lucid dreams. This has also been my own experience; during periods when I have been regularly meditating I also seem to have more regular lucid dreams. Whilst it is always a good idea to approach any claim with only subjective evidence with a reasonable amount of scepticism, in this case there is some sound reasoning behind why meditation will aid in lucid dream attempts.

Firstly meditation will slow your brainwaves into a theta range and sometimes depending on your experience into the delta range, which are heavily associated with dreams and heightened creativity. As with any skill practice makes perfect and the experience you gain from experiencing these hyper-relaxed states while maintaining a conscious awareness can make it easier to activate this awareness in the similarly relaxed and creative dream state. Also after a meditation session your body is already in a relaxed enough state to easily slip into these lower-wave states, hence a much better chance of lucid dreaming using the WILD technique.

Meditations which focus on mindfulness in particular are essentially a continual reality check. Since what we experience during the day often transfers into the content of our dreams at night by training your mind to become accustomed to maintaining this level of awareness, it makes sense that the habit will show up in your dreams as well.

Further to this, the things we experience right before going to sleep often play significant roles in our dreams, so carrying out either a mindfulness meditation as mention above or any meditation focused on having a lucid dream during the time you are awake when using the WBTB technique will most likely improve the chances of incubating a lucid dream.

What you can feel certain about is that meditation is an excellent way of building up your skills of maintaining focus and concentration, and in awareness of your state of consciousness, which are both important foundations of any lucid dream training. 


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