Dream Control: Engage your senses for longer Lucid Dreams

One of the most frustrating aspects in learning to lucid dream, is that moment when you’ve been trying for days to become lucid, you finally manage it, go flying off ready to enjoy your dream world, only to wake up just a minute later!

Fortunately all it takes is 30 seconds, to fully engage your dream senses and then you can get on with enjoying longer, more stable lucid dreams.

When you become lucid, the number of senses that your conscious mind receives stimulation from suddenly doubles. This is because the mind is now receiving sensations from both the dream and physical versions of that sense.

You will probably already have experienced the effect of sensations to the physical body infiltrating your dreams; finding yourself in a bar dancing to a song only to then wake up and realise that song was actually playing on your radio, or sweating as you’re trekking through a desert or jungle in your dream world only to wake up and find you’ve left your heater on all night.

The more stimulation provided to the senses of your physical body, the more attention your mind begins to pay to it. Since the bridge between the mind and your physical body is much closer in a lucid than a non-lucid dream, it is all too easy for these external senses to pull you out form your dream world prematurely.

All you need to do to prevent this from happening, is to take 30 seconds to focus your mind on your dream senses, fully engage these so they are providing more stimulation to your mind than anything that might inadvertently be affecting your physical body.

So on the moment immediately after becoming lucid don't immediately take off flying, or run around doing whatever it is you have been waiting to do, but first follow these quick steps:

1. Take a good look around you, all the bright vivid detail, take in the full sight of everything around you. The more you notice and look at details, the brighter and more vivid they will become.

2. Listen to the sounds all around you. Realise that most of the things you have just taken a moment to look around at will have different sounds that correspond to them. If you saw a flock of birds flying overhead, listen for their calls. If you see a road in the distance, hear the faint rumble of car engines as they speed along.

3. Next its time to smell anything around you, wherever you find yourself in your dream world, there will be all sorts of smells just as there are in the real world. If you’re standing close to something you know should have a particular smell, like an animal or flower, lean close in to it and have a good sniff!

4. Now take a moment to really feel everything; lift your arms and legs, feel their weight, notice the feeling of the ground beneath your feat. Look around for something you can pick up to feel the weight and textures in your hand.

5. Your dream senses should now be fully engaged, so all you need to do is quickly remind yourself that you are in a dream, after all you don’t want to get too absorbed in the flow of the plot and environment of the dream world and lose your lucidity! A reality check combined with a simple affirmation like ‘I am going to have a long, vivid lucid dream’ should do the job.

Now enjoy your lucid dream!


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