Guaranteed Lucid Dreams

There are a huge number of people who are discovering lucid dreaming every day, and a great online community offering an abundance of advice, support, and guidance to help those people on their journey to lucidity. So why with all this in their favour do so few people make it to become regular lucid dreamers?

The problem with traditional lucid dreaming techniques

The biggest hurdle people face on this journey is that most of the techniques available rely heavily on chance to induce lucidity, at least when you are first starting out.

Every single variation of a Dream Induced Lucid Dream technique (DILD) is dependent on some form of recognising a dream sign, performing a reality check, or other spontaneous realisation that you are actually dreaming.

Now these kinds of lucid dreams do happen, and you can increase the rate of them happening by using DILD techniques like the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD), but even at their most effective, all these approaches only slightly nudge the number of times you achieve lucidity.

Is an increase in the rate from 1 lucid dream every month or two, which might happen naturally provided you have good dream recall, up to 3 or 4 per month really worth all the effort? The vast majority of people understandably aren’t satisfied with this kind of return, and as a result most of us give up long before we become proficient enough to regularly induce lucid dreams.

Is it possible to guarantee lucid dreams?

The truth is most of the techniques commonly put forward to induce lucid dreams are now over 30 years old. What we need is a 21st century solution, a method which can reliably and consistently induce lucid dreams time after time.

One option is to supplement your chosen lucid dream techniques with a dream mask. There are a few different versions available but all follow the same basic principle. A sleep mask you wear over your eyes is embedded with a small circuit that detects when your enter REM sleep, and then produces a series of flashing coloured lights.

The lights are bright enough that they will be picked up even through closed eyelids and the flashing will be in some way incorporated into your dream. This takes half of the work out of achieving a DILD, by giving you a consistent, reliable dreamsign. You still have to train your mind to recognise and respond to that dreamsign with a reality check, but on average users of dream-masks report they increase the frequency of lucid dreams by about 50%.

The downsides are, some people find it uncomfortable to go to sleep wearing this kit over your eyes, and also depending on the version of the dream-mask you choose it will set you back between $60 and $250.

But now have another choice. The first method which actually comes with a guarantee of lucid dreams, this is Instant Lucid Dreams. The guarantee offered is that by following this method you will have at least 1 lucid dream within the first week, and regular lucid dreams after 30 days.

The Instant Lucid Dreams method is based on neurological research into lucid dreaming. This research has identified specific areas of the brain which are normally idle in REM sleep, but are active in lucid dreams. This approach is combined together with several psychological techniques and targeted brainwave entrainment to directly stimulate lucidity.

So while the answer to ‘can you guarantee lucid dreams’ has long been an unfortunate no, that may be about to change.



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