How lucid dreaming can improve your perfromance of almost any physical activity.

What would you think if I told you that you could get the same results that you normally would from spending hours in the gym without even getting out of bed? Sounds unlikely, right? Well what if then I went a step further and said you didn’t even have to be awake! Well as crazy as these claims might sound I can prove they’re true. Two key experiments have demonstrated the remarkable ability to train the body just using the mind:

Experiment 1

In a fascinating experiment, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation discovered that a muscle can be strengthened just by thinking about exercising it.
In the experiment a team of 30 people imagined using the muscle of their little finger but without actual moving the finger. The participants were asked to think as strongly as they could about moving the muscle being tested, to make the imaginary movement as real as they could. They did this for just 5 minutes a day 5 days a week for a total of 12 weeks.

Compared to the control group (another set of 30 people who did no imaginary exercises), the little-finger group increased the muscle strength in their little finger by 35%. On top of this, brain scans taken after the study showed greater and more focused activity in the prefrontal cortex than before. The researchers said strength gains were due to improvements in the brain's ability to signal muscle.

Experiment 2

In one of the most well-known studies on the power of visualization in training the body through the mind, Russian scientists compared four groups of athletes who were training for the 1980 Olympic Winter Games. Each group had their training schedules divided up into Physical training and Mental training (visualizing performing the actions for their event only).
• Group 1 - 100% physical training;
• Group 2 - 75% physical training with 25% mental training;
• Group 3 - 50% physical training with 50% mental training;
• Group 4 - 25% physical training with 75% mental training.
In contrast to the results the majority of the world expected to see, Group 4, with the majority of their time devoted to mental training, performed the best.

So bringing these 2 experiments together we know that not only can practicing an action inside your mind produce real physical benefits but can give greater benefits than actually physically performing the action!

The Theory of Muscle Memory

The results of learning to control your muscles to perform new actions and repeatedly practising these same patterns of muscle movement is known as developing muscle memory. While the patterns of muscle movement aren’t literally stored in the muscle cells themselves, much of the process is moved out of conscious frontal cortex in the brain and into the spinal column (closer to the actual muscles). Many movements, especially well practised ones such as walking or talking, do not require the brain to send delicate contraction signals to each of the muscle groups involved in the action. Instead, a control signal is sent to the spinal column, and the actual movement patterns needed to perform this control function are recalled by neurons in networks which more directly interface with those muscle groups.

When you are mentally training as in the 2 studies above, the connections in these neural pathways are being developed and becoming stronger, and the memory of how to perform the actions is moving out of the brain and closer to the relevant groups. This has the result of making these actions easier to perform and giving you more control

Training in a Lucid Dream

So now lets follow these ideas through to the next stage and look at the potential benefits of training inside a lucid dream. Since performing something in a lucid dream enhances the same muscle memory beyond if you had just done it in real life you can use lucid training to quickly and dramatically improve your abilities at almost any activity involving a physical action; practising your tennis serve, playing the piano, marital arts the list could go on and on!

Plus there’s a couple of key additional benefits of training inside a lucid dream:
1.) Training inside a dream is ‘bonus time’. Time when you usually would have simply been unconscious and not getting any benefit, so you don’t need to take any time out of your day but can still start seeing results!
2.) Your subconscious holds vastly greater amounts of information than your conscious mind, however inside a dream environment this information is accessible to your conscious mind as a result you are able to identify and improve aspects of your technique in whichever activity your are practicing that you would be very unlikely to notice while practicing in the real world.


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