DEILD - Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dreams

A DEILD is basically a shortened version of the WILD technique. It is a powerful technique as it has the potential to allow you have multiple lucid dreams each night. DEILD is also sometimes called ‘Dream Chaining’.

When you first awaken from a dream, your brain remains in its REM sleep phase for a few moments. This actually happens to you after almost every dream throughout the night, only usually you slip straight back asleep so don’t remember waking up. The brain only turns off the REM sleep phase once you start to move, so providing you stay still you can keep your brain in ‘dream mode’.

In this state you can easily slip back into a dream without having to go through the tricky and time consuming stage of entering sleep paralysis as in a traditional WILD.


You will definitely need to have good dream recall in order to take advantage of this technique, you should be remembering at least 2 dreams per night in a reasonable amount of detail. If you need to improve your dream recall, the best way is by keeping a dream diary.

How to DEILD

You wake up after a dream. Now for the most important part: don’t move!
Try not to even open your eyes. The less you move the better chance you will have of keeping your brain in its REM sleep phase and having success with this technique.

A good way to avoid drifting back off to sleep to quickly is to keep your mind active in this stage. Make yourself aware of all the sensations you are experiencing; notice the feeling of your body lying on the bed, or any faint sounds you might be able to hear.

Now a dream will slowly begin to take shape before your eyes, you will find you should be able to control or at least manipulate the dream scene appearing. This is very similar to the stage in a regular WILD where your Hypnagogic imagery begins to form into more concrete objects (like mini-movies playing in your mind).

As you notice your field of vision begin to widen, step or reach forward with your dream body into the dreamscape in front of you. And it’s as simple as that – you’re now in a lucid dream!.

Tips for using the DEILD Technique:

- This can be a tricky technique to get the hang of at first, particularly remembering to stay still as soon you wake. A good way to help you remember this is to use autosuggestion while you are going to bed to implant that idea in your mind.

- You can make the autosuggestion method even more effective by using two alarms. Set the first one to go off near the beginning of one of your REM cycles (or in the middle of the cycle for longer REM periods near the end of the night) when you wake up just repeat the autosuggestion phrase to remain still next time you wake up, and let yourself drift back to sleep. Now set the second alarm for 15 minutes later. When you wake this time you should still be in a dream phase and as the autosuggestion was so recent the idea should be fresh in your mind and you will remember not to move.


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