Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD)

The FILD technique should be used when you can expect to go straight into a REM dream period. So it’s probably not worth trying this when you first go to bed. Instead set an alarm to wake yourself up during the night, or try the technique before having a nap in the afternoon.

The Technique:

1. First of all just go to sleep as normal, if you can wake up naturally during the night great, if nto set yourself an alarm to go off after about 5 hours. This will make sure you’re at a point in your sleep cycle where you will be able to go directly into a REM period and also that you will still be feeling fairly tired so should have no problem falling back asleep quickly.

2. Once you wake up, the first thing that should be on your mind is the FILD technique. Just relax, and try to go back to sleep exactly how you normally would. The goal here is to get to the point just before you fall back to sleep. Once you've reached this point, begin the FILD technique. This will probably happen very quickly if you still feel tired so don’t wait too long!

3. Now imagine that you are playing a piano using your index and middle finger with one hand. Your fingers are side by side on two keys. Now, press your index finger down, leaving your middle finger up. Next, press your middle finger down, and lift your index finger back up. Repeat this up and down motion.

4. Once you feel you have a comfortable rhythm with this motion, now imagine pressing the keys so lightly that they don't actually go down. (You can practice this on an actual piano or a computer keyboard - you should basically feel your muscles contract, but your fingers should hardly move)

5. Focus on this subtle movement. By directing your focus, you will be able to fall back asleep relatively quickly. Make sure you don’t try to count your finger movements or talk to yourself in your head as this will only wake you up.

6. After about 30 seconds have passed (again don’t count just when you feel it has been about that long), take your other hand, and perform a reality check by pinching your nose and try to breath in. If you can, then you're dreaming!

And that’s all there is to it! The technique works by keeping a part of your conscious mind active through the slight movement and your focus on it, not enough to keep you awake but enough to remember to do a reality check 30 seconds later which should be as soon as you enter the dream.

You can add to the effectiveness of this technique by practicing the movements while awake. Do both the light finger movements combined with a reality check 30 seconds later. This will help build up an association between the two in your brain so it becomes a natural habit to follow through the finger motion with a reality check.


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