Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dreams (HILD)

There are a couple of tricks and techniques that can be used in combination with whatever approach or you are usign to try and induce lucid dreamsy that will definitely boost your chances of success. A great example of this is the Hyponiss Induced Lucid Dreams method (HILD).

When you are first setting out to induce lucid dreams and you are arying to select the right technique for you, it can be helpful to remember these 3 important facts:

1.) Lucid dreaming depends so heavily on your belief and expectation that you can have lucid dreams.
2.) Hypnosis is working with your subconscious
3.) Dreams are your subconscious’ world.

Together these mean you can get your subconscious to want you to become lucid, by programming this belief directly into your subconscious. Since its the same subconscious that is also responsible for creating your dreams its no surprise that this technique has proved to be wildly effective.

All you need to do is to get yourself into a relaxing hypnotic trance (See the article on How to Hypnotise Yourself for a step-by-step guide to doing this. And select an appropraite affirmation that will imbed the idea that you can have lucid dreams into your subconscious.

The best approach is to come up with your own affirmation that matches exactly with what you are trying to achieve. As this can often be difficult when first starting out here’s an example of a good affirmation (hypnotic suggestion) to use for specifically inducing lucid dreams, and also the one I use:

"I can have long, highly lucid, vivid lucid dreams with full control every night and with complete recall of the dreams every morning upon awakening"

This might seem a bit long winded but I’ve found by very clearly defining exactly what you want to happen and repeating it over and over locks this specific idea into your mind.


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