The Position Shifting WILD Technique

A common problem someone attempting to WILD (Wake-Induced-Lucid-Dream) often runs into due to having to lie still for long periods of time, is becoming frustrated and letting doubts creep into their mind. Remember, if you don't believe you will succeed at the WILD attempt, then you probably won't. Use the position shifting technique described below to overcome this problem:

1 - Relax

If you are using WBTB your body should be properly relaxed already. If not take a few minutes to get yourself feeling calm and relaxed. Do a short meditation, focus on your breathing or just lie down and read a chapter of a book, whatever works for you.

2 - Prepare your body

Lie flat on your back and close your eyes. Try and keep your eyes in a fixed, but relaxed position. Start by tensing the muscles in your arms and shoulders, hold them tensed for a second, then allow them to go completely limp. Next tense the muscles in your legs, hold for a second, then let them to go limp. Do the same in turn with your neck, back and stomach muscles. After you have tensed and then relaxed a group of muscles don't move them again. Your body will now be completely relaxed and ready to begin the WILD attempt.

3 - Enter Sleep Paralysis

Lay completely still and try not to move at all, just let your mind wander, but without focusing on any of the thoughts. Just let them float in and out of your mind, casually watching and being aware of them. After laying completely still for 5-10 mins change your position. If you started on your back, roll over to your side. Keep your eyes closed the whole time and let your mind go back to wandering where it wants to go. Keep changing position every 5-10 minutes until you begin to enter sleep paralysis. This usually takes no longer than 2-3 position changes.

4 - Enter your Dream

Once you enter sleep paralysis, keep the same casual awareness of any Hypnagogic Hallucinationsas you did with your wandering mind before. Remember to remain still and as calm as possible during this time. Soon the Hypnagogic Hallucinations will begin to turn into a full dream scene, once you see this let yourself move into the scene, perform a quick reality check and you should now be lucid!


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