Manipluating the content of your dreams

I wonder what's it like to be an astronaught? I wish I could be President for a day. What would I have done if I was onboard the Titanic? Do you ever have thoughts like these? Where a practiuclar idea or scenario is stuck in your head and you'd love to be able to be in that situation, just to experince it?

Well now you can have any experience you want- mainpulate your dream content to have an adventure that sparks your imagination!

But How?

Your dream content is often influenced by your activity and experiences in the hour or so immediately before you go to sleep. You might have noticed if you fall asleep halfway through a film or TV show late at night, the characters or scenes from that show turn up in your dreams. You can use this effect to influence the content of your dreams.

Since all you need to do is expose yourself to the type of contetn you want to turn up in your dreams, content manipulation is much easier than lucid dreaming.

The recent content effect can be amplified by using an autosuggestion phrase as you are going to sleep. E.g. If you spend the hour before you go to sleep watching or reading something involving lots of pirates, and then repeat the phrase 'I will have a dream where I am pirate' over and over as you fall asleep , there's a good chance you will have a dream where you're a pirate!

You can also add even further to the chances by waking up during the night, and using an approach similar to the MILD Technique, but instead of visualizing the dream you just left and imagining yourself becoming lucid, Visualize the dreamscene you want to go into.

Manipulating your dream content is also a useful way of increasing the odds of a paritcular dreamsign showing up and usign that as a trigger for becoming lucid. E.g. If one of your dreamsigns is a Giraffe and you always remember to do a Reality Check whenever you see an image of one, then stimulating your mind with content of the African Savannah is bound to increase the odds of a Giraffe showing up in your dreams that night.


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