Principles for inducing Lucid Dreams

If you look around the internet you will very quickly find hundreds if not thousands of variations on different techniques for inducing lucid dreams, and this can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re first starting out. And there’s a bigger effect, if you start over analyzing the methods you are using, ‘Am I doing this right’, ‘Did I miss out part of the technique’, ‘Is this how its supposed to feel’, etc then the distraction and the stress involved will actually inhibit your ability to successful induce lucid dreams.

Part of the reason there are so many techniques out there is as people practice different methods and become more familiar with lucid dreaming they develop their own methods that have allowed them to produce their best results. There is often a attitude of ’This worked for me, so it will work for everyone!’ and the truth of the matter is everyone is different, in the long run you’ll find out by trial and error which approach works best for you.

So whichever technique you feel most comfortable with there are a few general principles that will put you in the best condition to allow you to have more Lucid Dreams and have them more often:

1. Sleep for as long as you can

The longer you're asleep, the longer your REM cycles become.

2. Take time to relax before going to sleep.

Do some meditation or relaxation exercises before going to sleep. A busy or stressed out mind is not as aware or observant.

3. Keep a dream journal.

A dream journal helps massively in bridging the gaps between your conscious and subconscious minds, and makes you more aware of the content of your dreams. It doesn't have to take more than a minute each morning, just make sure you write something down.

4. Remember to Reality check.

If you ever think about dreaming, or see anything that reminds you of dreams, perform a reality check. A good check is to hold your nose and try to breathe through it.

5. Expect to have a Lucid Dream

Believe it is easy to learn lucid dreaming and look forward expectantly to having one tonight. You might have heard the phrase ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right’. Since everything is happening inside your own mind this is especially true for Lucid Dreaming.

Remember this isn’t an induction technique itself just a simple approach to preparing yourself for lucid dreaming, and can be used in combination with whatever technique(s) you decide to use.


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