Reality Check Test

The reality check test method is a very effective way of inducing lucid dreams.

Begin by choosing a unique symbol to use to remind yourself to perform a reality check, this is going to be your reality check test. Really anything will do, from a simple coloured dot, to a complex pattern. The only condition is it should be something you don’t regularly see in your day to day life, so don’t pick the McDonalds logo! The best approach is to select a symbol you have never come across before, this way you will have no prior associations to it in your mind.

Here are a couple of examples in case you get stuck:

Reality Check Test . . . . Reality Check Test 2

Either print a few copies of your symbol out, or draw it on a few pieces of paper. Post-it notes also work well.

Now you want to place these symbols in a few locations around your house, pick places you are going to see them as often as possible. At the top of the stairs, on your bedroom door, or above the sink in the bathroom would all be good choices.

Whenever you see your symbol, stop for a moment and ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’, take a quick look around for any of your dreamsigns, or for anything that seems unusual or out of place, finally perform a reality check.

This method has two useful benefits, firstly it will dramatically increase the volume of reality checks you perform throughout the day, and as a result the focus of your mind on your lucid dreaming goal. Secondly sooner or later your chosen symbol will begin to pop up in your dreams, and because the only associations your mind has to that symbol is to ask ‘Am I dreaming’ and perform a reality check, it is very likely this is exactly what you will do.

Give the reality check test method a go and within a week you will see the symbol appearing in your dreams.


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