The Schema of the Lucid Dream

The dream world in a lucid dream is created by your subconscious in basically exactly the same way as a non-lucid dream (How are dreams created), the only exception is that there is the possibility that you can consciously control of your expectations.

If you have been deliberately trying to induce a lucid dream, then there is a good chance you will have done a fair bit of reading up on the topic, you might have looked through a few books, found a forum or other group of lucid dreamers and read about their experiences. However you have discovered lucid dreaming, you will have acquired some ‘knowledge’ about what lucid dreams are like, this might include:

- When you become lucid, you may well get too excited and this will wake you up.
- It is difficult to fly.
- Lucid dreams don’t last very long.
- Light switches don’t work in lucid dreams.
- You need to spin or rub your hands together in order to stabilize the dream.

By having ideas such as these presented to you over and over again by the lucid dreaming community (often prior to your first lucid dreaming experience), they have become part of your schema for lucid dreams.

In just the same way as your subconscious builds your regular dreams around the ‘rules’ from your schemata, it does exactly the same with a lucid dream. You find you get excited and wake up soon after becoming lucid, because you expect this to happen, it is built into the psychological rules that your mind is following in creating the ‘lucid dream experience’.

Why do we imagine that our lucid dreams will suddenly break down and we will wake up? We have on average 3-5 dreams per night, every night, and many of these will involve us feeling a whole range of strong emotions including feeling very excited, but these dreams don’t just randomly break down. So this idea; that a lucid dream will quickly break down isn’t a natural rule of dreaming, but rather one we have created for ourselves by adding it to our ‘lucid dream schema’.

But now for the good news, the difference between regular and lucid dreams is that when you are lucid there is the possibility that you can consciously control of your expectations. All of ‘the rules’ you have learnt that are being applied to your lucid dream experience only do so because they form part of your ‘lucid dream’ schema.

All you need to do is realize that they don’t have to apply, you can create a new dream world where the rules are different; where lucid dreams are inherently stable, where they last as long as your REM sleep does, where it easy to fly as fast and high as you like. Anything you can imagine you can create.


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