Using Brainwave Entrainment to induce Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are dreams in which you are aware you are dreaming. They are often amazing and invaluable experiences, providing opportunities for exploration, development, and learning, not to mention nearly always exhilarating! However learning to lucid dreaming can be both time consuming and takes a considerable amount of effort and focus.

EEG readings taken from participants in many lucid dream research studies show a distinct brainwave pattern occurring while the person is experiencing a lucid dream that is not seen at other time during either sleep or waking consciousness. This is due to the distinct areas of the brain, associated with waking consciousness and being asleep both being active simultaneously.

A brainwave entrainment soundtrack played at the correct frequency will induce the frequency following response even while sleeping and your brainwaves will entrain to that frequency, stimulating and activating the associated areas of your brain. Entrainment methods included binaural beats are the best to use in this case as they can stimulate frequencies below the normal range of human hearing that are associated with slow brainwave states such as deep relaxation and most forms of sleep.

A lucid dream induction brainwave entrainment soundtrack works as follows:
It begins by entraining your mind to a low frequency associated with light sleep, (about 3Hz) this will help you fall asleep quickly and easily allowing you to keep your mind focused on your intention to have a lucid dream (The last thoughts going through your mind the moment before you fall asleep can have a big effect on your chance of having a lucid dream that night).
About 70 to 80 minutes later the track will begin to raise its frequency, this timing is designed to correspond with the natural REM (Rapid Eye Movement) periods of your sleep cycle. It is during these REM periods that dreaming most often occurs. The frequency will increase up to around 10Hz which normally corresponds to a relaxed but fully conscious state of mind. While asleep this will have the effect of increasing your level of awareness and making it much more likely that you will realise you are in fact dreaming.
The brainwave entrainment track will then repeat, with each 90 minute cycle matching up with your natural sleep cycles. This is useful as dream periods are longer and more likely to result in lucid dreams the longer you have been asleep.

This kind of brainwave entrainment is used for DILD’s (Dream Induced Lucid Dreams) and works particular well when used in conjunction with the MILD technique (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams).


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