How You Can Predict The Future

You can predict the future!

Its simply a matter of having enough infromation about any given situation, and understanding the natural rules involved in how the situation will play out. Fortunately your subconscious mind has stored every event and expereince from your entire life so for almost any circumstances you can imagine this knowledge and understanding is already at your disposal.

Lets start with a really simple example just to prove the principle.

Imagine you're just gettting ready for bed and your thoughts turn to going into work tommorrow. Suddenly a thought flashes into your mind "Oh no! My boss is going to be in a really bad mood tommorrow. Whatever I do it will be the wrong thing". You feel completely certain about this, but how? It hasn't happened yet.

In this example its really simple, your boss had told you the day before he was going out to watch Manchester United in their FA Cup semi-final game. You also know your boss is a die hard Manchester United fan, and you know that they lost 3-0 in tonights game crashing out of the competition! You also remember last year when they were knocked out he was in a bad mood all week.

So you see from just a few simple facts you can make a very strong prediction about something that will happen in the future.

Now at this stage you're probably saying 'This is obvious! And its hardly predicting the future' But all we are doing at this stage is proving the basic principle, in order to predict events and outcomes in the future, its simply a matter of having enough information.

The problem in trying to predict more complex events is only in the vast numbers of factors involved. You need to be able to hold and process more infromation that your conscious mind can handle at any given time. So here's where the remarkable abilities resulting from using your InfiniteMind come in.

Lets take a quick look at 4 key facts we now know:

1.) The only requirement for predicting the future is having enough information about any given situation.

2.) Your subconscious mind is capable of processing and handling information at a rate 10,000 times faster than your conscious mind.

3.) Your combined subconscious and unconscious minds also contain all the knowledge and experince of your entire life. (Remember we all have perfect memories just imperfect recall)

4.) In a lucid dream you can consciously access the resources of your subconscious and unconscious mind.

Now we have all the pieces of the puzzle to allow us to predict how any particular event is going to play out.

Predicting the future using Lucid Dreams

Start by entering a lucid dream. (if you aren't sure how to do this check the lucid dream section here). Once you are lucid you need to create a space for your subconscious mind to work on the problem without interference from the conscious part of your mind.

Creating an area blocked off from you view as in the 'Over the Wall' technique works well. I've also found creating a 'Future Predicting Machine' in the dream environment gives good results. The improtant thing is that there is an area that you set aside to work on the problem that you can not see into until the solution is complete. (otherwise your conscious mind will start to overrule the subconscious and direct the process, and it simply doesn't have the resources to cope with this task).

Now clearly state what it is you want to know, what you are trying to predict in a single sentence. Focus on this question for about a minute and then let it go and relax.

You need to distract yoru conscious mind away from the problem for a couple of minutes to give your subconscious the opportunity to do the work unimpeded. A good way to distract yourself is to focus on all the details of the room you happen to be in, (or the details of the garden in the over the wall technique). After a couple of minutes have passed, its time to find your answer!

Pull the lever on your 'Future Predicting Machine' or Leap over the wall and see the answer that yoru InfiniteMind has created.

Remember if you aren't compeltely sure about what you're seeing at first ask follow up questions to your mind and watch how the imagery in front of you changes. If you're anything like me you'll be sceptical the first time you try this out but then amazed when you see your predictions actually happen!

Its worth a quick mention on the scope and limitations of this technique. If you ask your mind to come up with next weeks lottery numbers, sorry its unlikely to come up with right result. But give it any questions involving situations and people you have some experience with such as 'What will the board think of my presentaiton', or 'What is going to happen at Sarah's party tommorrow night' and you'll be suprised how accurate it can be.

This is one technique that you really need to try out for yourself to understand just how powerful, effective and reliable it can be. And if you do decide to give it a go, let me know how you got on.


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