Information Overload - Too Many Numbers

We live in a world where there are so many numbers we have to remember! Telephone numbers, credit card numbers, PIN numbers, alarm codes, with so many floating around it's so easy to get them muddled or to draw a mental blank when we come to needing them.

However there is a simple technique to turn these numbers into something much more unique and more memorable.

All you need to do is substitute a word for each number, a word that has exactly the same number of letters as the number it is replacing. So for example you could replace the number 3 with the word cat.

If you pick words that make sense together you should come up with a simple phrase or sentence:

For example let's say your PIN number was 3346.

So we need to use a three-letter word for the number 3, a four-letter word for the number 4 and a six-letter word for the number 6.

Now you might come out with:

3 = the
3 = cat
4 = runs
6 = faster

So, whenever you need to recall your PIN number, simply repeat the sentence 'the cat runs faster' and you'll know exactly what your pin will be.

Now we could stop here and that would be a good technique, a sentence with some meaning is much easier to remember than a series of random digits. But if we bring in the principles of imagery and association we can make this even easier to remember.

Let's turn our sentence into a picture and link it together. So now I am going to imagine an image of a cat sprinting along the top of my bank card, a big cloud of smoke going up behind him leaving all the other animals far behind.

This image is clear and striking enough that it will lock in your memory and be easy to recall. Once you have this picture the link to the phrase 'the cat runs faster' is easy and from there you have your PIN!

When first using this technique for longer numbers it might take a few minutes to craft a meaningful sentence, but like with any mental skills after you've done it a few times your mind will be creating these sentence with almost no effort at all.


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