The 3 Laws of Memory

Despite the huge complexity in both our brains and the functioning of our memory, how well we manage to remember something can be reduced to 3 simple laws. If you have already read any of the memory improvement techniques from the InfiniteMinds site you will be able to see how they use one of more of these laws to achieve their memory enhancing effect. Once you know these laws you can use them to your advantage, and to create your own techniques and approaches to improving your memory.

The First Law of Memory: You Need to Concentrate

When your mind receives new information it determines whether to simply hold this information temporarily and then to discard it, or whether to move it into your long term memory. If you do not concentrate on the information for a long enough time, it will simply not be transferred into your long term memory and so will be lost after only a few seconds.

Being distracted during a lecture or meeting, or when you’re meeting new people can cause you to momentarily lose track of the information and so it never enters your long term memory. This is the main reason why when being introduced to someone new we often forget their name just seconds after being told it. We are so busy concentrating on introducing ourselves we aren’t paying attention to what we are being told.

So in order to learn make sure you have a clear mind, and if you do get distracted take a moment to refocus and then go back over the last part of whatever you were trying to learn,

The Second Law of Memory: Build More Associations

A memory is stored by a neural pathway in your brain. Whenever you learn something new, a new pathway is created, if this new pathway is linked in to other pre-existing neural paths in your brain then it will be easier for you to recall it.

Every association you can build links up that idea or memory into others in your mind. So lets say you meet someone new, if you can associate their name to someone famous, then that name will already have lots of connections in your mind. The more associations you can build the more firmly that persons name will be lodged in your mind.

The Third Law of Memory: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Your memory is like a muscle, and the more you exercise a muscle the stronger is becomes. When you repeat learning some information again and again it is just the same as doing reps with weights in the gym!

Going back to our neural pathway model, imagine when you first learn some new information your mind creating that pathway. As you repeat, and go over the information again, the pathway becomes a little more well travelled, and becomes a small road. Going over this road again and again builds it up into a motorway and that information is now built into your mind.

So there you have the three laws of memory, play around with these to lock into your mind anything you want to be sure to remember, the more you use together the more powerful the effect will be.


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