The Link Technique

Mnemonics are designed to allow you to utilize your brain to its full potential. The link technique does this by exercising your innate creativity. All you have to do is activate your creative mind using visual images.

The art is simple. When you come across an important word, name, picture or information, immediately take something out of your stored memory. Something that you're already familiar with is essential for associating a new item to the old because this way, whenever you think of the old item, you'd immediately remember the new one and vice versa.

Let's say you need to buy several things for your family members. Since this task requires you to remember several different things at the same time, which are also entirely not related with one another, you need strong memorization skill to accomplish this.

Pretend you need to purchase a bar of soap, bottle of wine, a pair of socks, a box of tissues and a bag of dog food. Since association is the main tool you have in order to remember all these things, start linking these words to each other.

You know you are going to drive to the shop to get these items, and this means getting into your car, so lets use the car as the starting point for your linking. That way when you see your car on the way to the shop the links will allow you to remember the entire list.

Try to imagine your car transforming into a giant bar of soap, so now you are driving a bar of soap which happened to float well on a lake of wine that you needed to cross. Then, at the toll gate, you hand over a pair of socks so you can pass through. Next, a box of tissues signals a green light and right before you find a parking space; a walking bag of dog food shows you a vacant space.

Because the items have now been linked to one another, you only have to remember one for all the others to be triggered in your mind.


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