Memory Enhancement

Do you have a problem remembering names or faces, what about dates, or do you get back from the shops only to realize you've forgotten what you went for in the first place. Chances are we can all think of a time when our memory has let us down.

Well there’s good news, there are a whole range of techniques that can help you overcome these blocks, to fight memory loss, improve short-term memory, and enhance memory performance for success at work, in school and in every area of your life.

Just take a look at what some people have shown in possible by playing with and practicing some of the techniques and exercises on this site:
- David Farrow remembered the order of 59 packs of shuffled playing cards – that 3608 individual cards!
- Boris-Nikolai Konrad memorised a list, in order, of 280 random words in only 15 minutes
- Chao Lu set the world record in 2005 for recalling π to 67,890 digits

Now you might not need to know Pi to more than 67,000 decimal places in your everyday life but the same techniques work just as well for a shopping list or a phone number. And the more you exercise and develop your memory, the better it will get all round.


Memory Enhancement Techniques

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