Creative Visualisation: Your Questions Answered

What is Creative Visualisation?

Creative visualization may sound like a very fuzzy new age concept and often gets confused with affirmations or the Law of Attraction, but in truth it is remarkably simple and has a good scientific grounding.

Creative visualization is the use of mental images to project the achievement of a particular task, performance or any desired outcome in your future.

Why does it work?

The key to why this works is the fact that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between the images that it is feed during the creative visualization process and reality. Providing the visualisations are realistic enough i.e. you commit to them using as many senses as possible, you effectively create ‘perfect outcomes’ to potentially challenging situations, think of it as like creating false memories for yourself.

These false memories are then integrated into the various schema held by our subconscious just as a real life experience would be, and our beliefs about ourselves and the surrounding world adjust accordingly.

This means they are particularly effective eat changing internal beliefs (i.e ones we have about ourselves) such as our levels of self belief and confidence.

How do I know if I am doing it right?

The best way to see if the visualisations you are creating will be effective is to look at how your mind already stores memories that have made a particularly big impression on you. So to start try recalling a really strong positive memory.

Make the positive memory you choose as powerful and inspiring as you can. Recalling your graduation day, the first time you fell in love, or the birth of your child are good examples.

What you want to notice is how you recall the memory. Are you able to see the past events in full colour, do any scents come to mind or can you recall some of the words that you said with only a vague recollection of the actual event? It doesn’t matter how you recall the event, just notice which are your dominant areas of recall, this is how your mind has naturally remembered this powerful event in your life. You will want to try and mirror these senses when creating your visualisations.

How should I start practicing creative visualisation?

It is best to start with an easy visualization exercise, picking an area of your every day life where it would be beneficial just to feel a little boost.

So remember how you recalled your past memory, and now you are going to mentally project a positive experience of a future event or based on an aspect of your daily life that you can easily recall.

For example, in the morning while you are getting ready for your day you can visualize yourself turning up to your office or school feeling really confident and in a great mood. Remember to try and add in as many details about the experience as possible.

You might notice the very first time after you practice this you feel in a better mood and more confident on arriving at school, and you certainly will if you keep up this practice for a few days.

How often should I practice creative visualisation?

Try not to put off your visualization sessions or you can easily never really get into it. Instead practice your visualization on a daily basis, preferably at a time and place where you will not be interrupted.

The exercise only needs to take between 5 and 10 minutes so you shouldn’t have any problem making some time for it if you want to experience the benefits. If you have never done any creative visualisation before, then make a deal with yourself do practice a particular visualisation at the same time every day for just one week, and take notice of the effect it has.

Like so many other worthwhile activities, the more time and energy that you invest in creative visualization, the more personal benefits you will be able to enjoy.


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