Research Shows Image Streaming Increases Intelligence

A research study carried out by Dr Reinert, has shown that on average students showed an increase of 0.9 IQ points per hour of image streaming practice. This means if you were to do a daily image streaming session of just 8-10 minutes you could expect an increase in IQ of about 1 point per week.

Now 1 point per week might not sound like much, but by making the technique part of your daily routine it will soon start adding up. You could boost your IQ by 10 points over just one term while at university, or by 50 over an entire year, that's enough to move someone from an 'average' score of 100 into the genius realms of 150!

Not only that, the study also details significant improvements in the students creativity across a range of tests and creativity scales. You can see the full study summary here: Dr Charles Reinert's Study on Image Streaming and IQ


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