Image Streaming

What are the nature of your thoughts? It would seem at first look, that our thoughts are mostly structured in language, we are all aware of the constant internal dialogue going on inside our mind. But in truth only 2% of our thoughts, experience and understanding is actually formed in words, this is the conscious part of our mind. The other 98% is made up of continual sensory impressions and associations in the subconscious mind.

Image streaming is an amazing technique that allows you to access the resources of your subconscious mind. Research has shown that image streaming for just a few minutes each day actually makes you more intelligent. But how does it do this?

Everyone has sensory images and thoughts going on in the back of the mind all the time, however mostly these are ignored by the conscious mind. Image streaming brings these sensory images into the focus of the conscious mind. It is by bringing more of your subconscious messages and understanding into the realm of your conscious mind that image streaming has the effect of making you more intelligent.

Image streaming also lays the foundations both in terms of the physical neural structures inside the brain and the mental skill in linking the conscious and subconscious minds that are required for many advanced thinking and problem solving techniques. (The Over the Wall technique is a good example of one that builds on this foundation)

How to Image Stream

Before you start its worth noting that the technique works best if you have another live person who you can describe your images too, the next best option is to use a tape recorder, although if neither of these are available the technique will still work by simply imagining another person and describing your image stream to them. This is an important point as the external focus of the description allows the mind to see these an objective statements about yourself, as a process of discovery. Rather than as part of its ongoing internal dialogue.

- Begin by taking a few deep breaths, make each one as slow and satisfying as possible. This will help you to relax and will get mind into state where the conscious and subconscious are more closely synchronised, and so can communicate easier. Take about a minute or so of slow deep breaths and you should notice you already feel a lot more relaxed.

- Now close your eyes, and begin to describe what you can see;. It is important just to describe the images as they naturally arise, don’t try to consciously choose and picture an object. Just describe the sensory impressions that are presented to you

- Describe the image stream in as much detail as possible, and try to keep the descriptions constantly flowing. Also don’t worry if the images change too quickly just keep up as best you can.

- Start off with a 2-3 minute session and build up to between 5 and 8 minutes. After this open your eyes, and let out s quick sharp breath, this will help re-orientate yourself to an external focus.

- Finish the technique by reviewing what you have just described, look at the number of details, features and aspects of your sensory images you have described, also consider that richness and colour of your descriptions. These will help guide you in future image streaming sessions, the aim is to be able to describe the sensory impressions in such a way that some on listening to your descriptions would be able to see and feel exactly the same experience as you.

Although we talk about image streaming the sensory impressions from your subconscious mind may not be limited to images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells could all be included. Also, especially at first your mind may not present clear images and scenes, even if you only experience lines and colours begin to describe these, the visualisations will take on more detailed and concrete forms as you become more comfortable using the technique.


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