Discover your Inner Genius for Problem Solving with Intuitive Writing

Find a quiet place and set aside 15-20 minutes when you know you won’t be disturbed. Sit down with a sheet of paper and a favourite pen or pencil. Think of a problem you have got stuck on, or an important question you'd like the answer to. The question can be about anything - the sky is the limit.

Just make sure you phrase the problem as a question, this is what gets the natural problem solving part of your subconscious mind going!

Clear your mind of everything but the question itself. A few slow, deep, relaxing breaths, while repeating the question or problem on each exhalation works well for this.

Then write out your question on the paper. And let your hand - NOT your head - begin to form an answer. Just write down whatever comes into your mind, even if it seems totally unrelated at the time.

Suspend your judgment about your answer. Let yourself go! Let your creativity and intuitive sense answer the question for you. This is an exercise in intuitively connecting with yourself. You will begin to see that "thinking" of an answer is not always to the most effective way to gather information.

Once the 15 minutes of writing are over, resist the urge to immediately read over and analyze what you have written. Instead get up and do something completely different for a while (this break can be as short as 5-10 minutes or as long as hours or even an entire day). During this time let yourself forget all about the problem you were writing about.

After your break come back and look over what you have written before and apply it to the problem you had in mind; What new insights does it give you? Does it indicate a new approach or method to take? If it’s a larger more complex problem maybe it will show you the next step you need to take in finding your answer? You will be amazed at your inner creative genius and problem solving abilities when you let your mind flow!

In some cases you might find by the time the 15 minutes of writing are over you’ve already found the solution to your problem, if that happens great, there’s no need to do this last step.

If this is a new way of thinking for you, this intuitive state of being may feel uncomfortable or awkward. Let yourself feel uncomfortable and give yourself the space to practice the exercise a few times. It will soon become more familiar and you will begin to see results. Practicing once a day for a week seems to work for most people even if it feels uncomfortable and unnatural to begin with.

Why does intuitive writing work?

When you attempt to solve a problem or find an answer to a question, much of your thought process is based on past experiences, negativity and your unconscious or conscious belief systems about yourself and the world. These can hinder your ability to identify the wide range of options and choices available to you. Intuitive writing taps into the information that lies below the surface of your conscious thought by tying up your conscious mind in the physical action of writing. Have you ever noticed when you’re writing something you’re really interested in, you literally can’t write fast enough to keep up with your mind!

Next time you are stuck or searching for the answer to an important question, give intuitive writing a try. Move past any confusion or resistance you feel by just putting pen to paper and give it a go. Observe your thoughts, emotions and desires on paper - let your own inner genius shine through!

By cultivating a regular writing habit, you'll develop and gain access to new parts of your mind and tap into your natural creativity and intuition - the best problem solvers of all.


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