Listen to your Intuition

Some people call it ‘Intuition’, others prefer ‘inner voice’, others still ‘messages from the subconscious’. The truth is it doesn’t matter what you call it we’re all talking about the same thing. This is our internal guide, when you get a hunch or feeling to take a particular action, and you can’t really explain where the idea came from but you just knew it was right.

You’ve probably heard the phrase; ‘tap into your intuition’. Although I think it makes such a simple process sound much more complex and time consuming than it actually is. You don’t have to set aside time to use your intuition, and you don’t have to follow a complicated process either.

Listen to the voice of your subconscious

Simply turn off the sounds around you so you can become familiar with the sound within you. Just press pause on your iPod, mute the TV, turn off the radio, even if only for one minute, and just ask yourself a question.

At first you probably won't be sure if you’re picked up anything at all, but just stick with it and a thought will pop into your head and you will just have a feeling that it is true. After a while, you could get an insight in as little as 30 seconds.

The point here is you don't have to set aside time out of your entire day to make time for intuitive guidance, your intuition is with you right here, right now. Those few minutes during a TV commercial break for example are an ideal time to take advantage of. After all who do you think is going to give you the best advice, your own intuition or a bunch of marketing executives?

Expand your senses

Your subconscious voice or intuition is built on the experiences delivered to your mind by your senses. If you want to strengthen that voice, increase the strength of those sensory experiences.

Think back to a time when you were feeling really good. It could be something as simple as enjoying the delicious dinner you had last night, or as big as the feeling you had on your wedding day. It doesn’t matter what, just get a clear picture in your mind; hear the sounds that were around you then, smell the smells, feel all the sensations as vividly as you can.

By engaging with your senses like this you magnify this memory with very little effort, and this makes intuitive feelings relating to this (and associated) experiences easier to pick up on.

From now on, whenever you're having a good time, expand that feeling just like you did above, but while you are still experiencing it. So if you are enjoying a good movie, really take it all in, if you are enjoying your favourite snack, really savour it. Pay close attention to what you feel, see, taste, or smell. This will heighten your senses, making these experiences easier to recall, as you do this more and more the associations between so many different ideas build up and bring intuitive feelings closer to the surface making them easier for you to pick up on.


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