Why Intuitive Writing is a Powerful Tool for Discovering New Possibilities

Intuitive writing brings the invisible and intangible ideas of your mind into the real world where you can see and explore them. At any one time, you have myriad thoughts, ideas and insights lodged in your mind, waiting to be released. Writing is one way to let your thoughts flow, to take you wherever you need to go.

Writing assists you in putting aside your internal censor. It is important for you put aside any self-judgment when you begin to write. Refrain from judging how "well" you're writing or the ideas that show up on the paper. Don’t sit down to think and then write but instead write to think, write for the fun of it, and write to relieve confusion. The critical nature of the left-brain, thinking, conscious mind can't access the same depth of knowledge and understanding the intuitive subconscious mind can.

Writing is a process of reflective thinking or self-observation. It puts you in touch with emotions or thoughts you might not be aware of. Plunging into a problem on paper, you may suddenly see a solution clearly.

Writing is a form of creativity, and creativity is one of the best antidotes to mental or emotional confusion and burn-out. When you feel like you've thought a problem to death, stop thinking. Turn to creativity and engage the right side of your brain. And allow the answers to come to you.


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