Reccomended Products

In addition to our monthly newsletter, Infinite Minds offers products to help you to improve your brainpower, increase your intelligence, enhance your memory and develop your Infinite Mind.

Anyone can develop any of the abilities you can find on this site, and the products you find here will help you get results faster and get the most from your cognitive training.

Brain Evolution System

The Brain Evolution System is a cutting-edge audio program which plays special frequencies into each ear to bring about states of mind associated with improved brain functioning

How to Increase Your IQ

Discover the techniques proven by neuroscience research to increase your IQ. Challenging a range of cognitive functions, developing multiple brain regions and proven to improve intelligence.

Ultimate Memory

Memory affects every aspect of our lives. Ultimate Memory is software specifically designed to improve your memory. It includes a suite of games built on scientifically proven exercises, and a series of personal 'brain trainer' videos .

Brain Salon

Coming soon - check back in the next few days for the Brain Salon. A complete workout to get your brain in top condition.