Think Fast: How to Increase Your IQ is a comprehensive guide to improving your intelligence.

The guide contains a series of exercises based on neuroscience research that have been proven to increase IQ. The techniques are broken down into easy to follow step by step exercises.

Every technique is accompanied by details of the research that has been carried out and shows the exercises really do work, and the improvements carry over into teh real world. After so many 'Brain Training' games which have no real transferrable benefit this is a refreshing change.

Accompanying the exercises and research are a number of schedules that suggest ways to combine the different techniques to get maximum benefit depending on the time you have available.

Features & Benefits

Increase your Intelligence

Only 20 minutes a day!

Step-by-step Walkthroughs

Based on neuroscience research

Full training schedules

Up to a 30 point improvement in IQ

Solve Problems Faster

Enjoy more creative ideas


Throughout the twentieth century the prevailing view of the siceintific and academic community was that intelligence along with most mental abilities was fixed by early adulthood.

Fortunately research from the last two decades has proven this is not the case. A trait known as neuro-plasticity was discovered, where the human brain will countinuallyreconfigure itself to the demands placed upon it.

The exercises that were discovered to be highly effective at stimluating the growth of new brain cells and neural connections have been gathered together in one place in this easy to use guide so you can take advantage of this research for yourself.


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