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Ultimate Memory from eReflect is software designed specifically to improve your memory.

Research has proven that when your brain is exercised in certain ways it stimulates growth and creates new neural connections, this is known as neuroplasticity.

The games in Ultimate Memory build on these scientifically proven exercises to improve your memory.

Alongside the memory enhancing games are a series of videos, offering instructions, strategies, tips, tricks and advice. Like a personal trainer for your brain these videos will help you maximise the benefits of your training.

Ultimate Memory comes with tracking features that show your progress across many different areas helping you to optimise your learning.

Features & Benefits

Software designed to improve memory

Based on clinically proven neuroplasticity

Scientifically designed games

Step-by-step videos

Track your improvement

Optimise your training

Unlimited Users - Let your whole family train

The Ultimate Memory software is designed to target the key areas most people struggle with.

Imagine never forgetting a name or important date, studying in half the time and acing every exam.

Imagine learning training manuals, lists, facts, numbers, and passwords with virtually no effort, and knowing more about your job than any of your colleagues.

The software comes with a full 12 month garauntee, if you aren't completely satisfied not only will you get a full refund but also an extra $50.


"Scientifically proven to improve memory with as little as ten minute’s use per day, Ultimate Memory is also backed by an iron-clad guarantee.”"



"Rewarding and easy to use, results come fast with as little as ten minutes use per day"



“the Ultimate Memory program is far superior because it offers you personalized step-by-step video and game modules that will change according to how well you cope with the various exercises"



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